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Photographer, writer, actress

Anjelica is a photographer, writer and actor. When we asked her about her heritage she said she comes from Europe but was born in "so-called" Australia – the "stolen land" where her parents and grandparents were also born. Anjelica refers to the location she lives and works in, in the First Nation's way – "Naarm" (aka Melbourne) on the traditional land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.

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The concept of Anjelica's works is ever-changing. Most of the time, it depends on the medium she's using: "I'm simultaneously running towards and away from mundanity. I'm searching for colour and light, for joy and, more recently, nostalgia. I'm attracted to conversation, portraiture, interviews, and intimacy. Lately, I've been into things that are tacky, kitsch, or sentimental." She got into photography by taking her dad's Olympus OM2 to Europe, where she developed an interest in people-watching and shooting them unbeknownst. "I also love observing people from an actor's perspective – imagining someone else's thoughts, where they're going, or what their life is like."

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She told us that the second lockdown in "Koorie" (aka Victoria, Australia) has disrupted her flow of inspiration. "We're only allowed to leave our home for an hour a day (within 5km of our homes), and there's an 8 pm curfew. When I'm stuck in one art form, I usually turn to another. Right now, my photography feels blocked, so I'm working on a short-film screenplay and taping monologues or scenes. I'm also reading, listening to podcasts, and watching a lot of film and TV." Her current projects take inspiration from the pandemic. For example, she photographed teddy bears in windows around her suburb: "It's part of a worldwide 'Teddy bear hunt' to distract kids and adults from the reality of social distancing and the virus." She also shared some photographic reflections on Italy in summer 2019 – the calm before the storm via @verve.zine. "And, I've just started photographing my housemates and partner brushing their teeth."

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STK: Any other thoughts on 2020 you want to share with us?

Angelica: “Can I get a refund!?”

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