‘Born Out Of Odd Circumstances', STUCK Magazine’s first print edition, showcases the work, opinions and personal stories of an array of diverse artists, producing a tangible retrospective of the moods and explorations triggered by the upheaval of the global pandemic.

In the issue, we talk about diversity in media production and the disruption of digitisation on the contemporary art market, about the fluctuating boundaries of subcultures and the inescapable nature of crime, about self-perception and oppressive external influences.

We believe that in today's ever digitalised and often deceptive media landscape, there is increasing need for a counterbalance: for an independent, low-circulation print magazine; one that uses art as an alternative communication channel to inform readers about contemporary social issues that are usually ignored by mainstream media.

We push against the tide, creating a physical art object born from the digital creative landscape. STUCK embodies elements of print magazines that cannot be replicated by digital media: high quality paper, the integration of word, image and space, print-specific graphic design, as well as the collectible nature of a print magazine as a material object.