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designer, diy, upcycling

casper.diy_165851896_267905071498733_7233186177126679817_n (1).jpg

In assistance with his mother, grandmother and sisters, Denis brought in his pocket money by knitting Disney prints on sweaters and reselling them as a child. Also customising, altering and remaking clothes for himself widened his skillset as an artist that he is still using on his creative path until now. In the last 10 years the Russian worked as a stylist, merchandiser and window dresser, also selling vintage clothes on the side.

After experiencing creative shortcomings during this time encouraged him to launch his endeavour @Casper.DIY that is completely devoted to accessories’ upcycle where also his girlfriend @sasha.strovski takes a stake as an inspirer and Art Director. In the project his works are mainly inspired by modern science fiction and fantasy movies, as well as from sources of digital art and underground fashion. Denis combines the aesthetics of different worlds: bionic, cybernetic, alien and takes common things as the basis of his work for example carabiners, watches, glasses, lighters, flash drives, spinners and sneakers. Then the upcycling process begins where he uses various materials such as artificial organics, polymers (hot glue, silicone, gel polish) and tin.


The upcycled accessories are available for sale via his IG account, while he keeps experimenting with other art objects and installations to explore his artistic vision further. Recently the artist participated in a group exhibition of contemporary art for the first time.

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