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GLOR1A's musical interpretations are magical yet empowering.

music, dance

“GLOR1A captivates the whole room with her empowering one-woman performances. With her glamorous always-changing costumes, her peculiar dance performances and visual stage interpretations, she creates magical worlds that open up spaces for discussions and raise awareness on women's rights and LGBTQI+ in all intersections.”

Let us introduce you to the world of GLOR1A.

Inspired by the project Sistah Space that is supporting women and girls of African heritage in the UK who’ve experienced domestic or sexual abuse, GLOR1A gathered (in most femmes of colour) producers to create an intricate remix EP that is full of surprises: "Every penny made from METAL REBOOT$D purchases will be donated to Sistah Space. Who are campaigning for a new policy, Valeries Law - which advocates for police and government agencies to undergo mandatory cultural competency training that 'accounts for the cultural nuances and barriers, colloquialisms, languages and customs that make up the diverse Black community. These types of policy changes can help save lives." The EP features revering remixes blurring Balle funk, Amapiano, ambient IDM, 180 BPM and emotive Latin Pop.

Listen to METAL REBOOT$D on Soundcloud and order the EP via Bandcamp.


But not just for the remix EP the multidisciplinary artist is empowering and supporting women with her process of creating art. Her single Juice (2020) was shot in London and had a full female team that was directed and photographed by Claire Arnold. "I've always been fascinated with the birthing process of species unknown, I consider myself an alien in my surroundings and this was a rebirth moment. Claire brought the idea of stumbling across my birth place to life in the most trippy way. I love it."

Sad Surveillance (2021) was shot in Berlin, directed Ernantious Dromos of Limitrov TV. The whole team came together to realise a unique vision. “An absolute legend who has a vision I never came across before. He made me into my own wet 90’s Nollywood dream. The whole crew are amazing, incredible artists with a unique style."


Also last year, GLOR1A dropped her EP Metal, where the story was about a Black gynoid robot scouring the earth looking at how technology has and is shaping it. She decided to help humanity by turning off the internet across London: “Metal was cute. I enjoyed the process, there were so many different sounds in there I wanted to challenge listeners whilst they chewed into what i was saying.” The visuals for the EP were created by Sort studio.




cover design by @loualsop


Visual Direction @sortzine

Photography @josephdelaney

Make up by Grace Ellington

Hair by Sheree

JUICE (2020)

Photography @claire_arnold


Direction/production by @limtrf

Photography @aoifeadoleakue & Liv Gate

Makeup by @live_gate

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