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Based in Melbourne, the music label Chilla Holla is made up of Ben Safire from Plasma Audio, a DnB label, and QQQ Akane, a selector of QQQ Design. Since they encounter various music artists through their own projects and affairs, the label doesn’t select specific songs or draws lines between genres, but rather looks for “a shining sense in the person” based on who they are as a person, which in turn creates Chilla Holla’s own style. However, to give you an idea of their sound, the last artists they’ve worked with come from hip-hop, lo-fi, jazz beat, UKG and Electronica.


While many of us have struggled with a lack of motivation and creativity during these odd times, Chilla Holla has been pretty productive. The lockdown pushed the label to set up a pretty nifty music studio including a DJ streaming setup with VJ equipment to express a wide range of colourful expressions and launch their Q Tube Video Sets: “Until the lockdown is released, we will enjoy the equipment to the limit,” they told us. 


The visual department of the label is very much based on the labels “genreless and borderless” mentality, inspired by the sound of the artist’s music and the relationship the record label has with that particular artist: “We aim to flexibly expand the possibilities based on the encounter with the artist.”

Chilla Hollaは、DnBレーベルであるPlasma AudioのSafireと、QQQ DesignのセレクターであるQQQ Akaneによって構成されたメルボルンを拠点にする音楽レーベルです。

彼らはプロジェクトをリリースしていく上でジャンルに線引きをせず、数々の出会いの中から「その人の輝き」がある音楽をセレクトするというChilla Holla独自のスタイルを作り出しています。これまでにhip-hop, lo-fi, jazz beat, UKG and Electronicaなどがリリースされています。


私たちの多くは今このおかしな時期に意欲と創造性の欠如に苦しんでいますが、Chilla Hollaは生産的でした。

ロックダウンにプッシュされたこのレーベルはVJ機器を備えたDJストリーミングスタジオを設け、色彩豊かなDJセットをQ Tubeから発信しています。




Under Chilla Holla, Safire and QQQ Akane have now launched their first single together “Slowly Rushing” – a dream-filled track which combines their worldview. This marks QQQ’s Akane first debut in the music field. Since the song is in Japanese, we also show the Japanese translation in the interview below:

またChilla Hollaの運営者であるSafireとQQQ Akane二人の初となるシングル Slowly Rushing がローンチされており、夢心地なトラックに彼らの世界観が混ざり合った一曲となっています。QQQ Akaneにとって音楽シーンは初デビュー。今回このインタビューにて彼女の日本語の歌詞の意味を語ってもらいます。


STK: Where did the inspiration for 'Slowly Rushing' come from?


Safire: At the time I was beginning to learn piano, practicing a lot & finding ways to express what I was feeling… Akane was also beginning to come into the studio, I showed her how to tap out a beat on the drum machine and she was drumming while I was playing keys. So, essentially it was built from a live jamming session. It was the kind of track that we had to leave sitting for a while before it was ready to be finished. Everything came together naturally. Almost a year and half later Akane laid down vocals and from then on it was always on the to-do list for some time.


QQQ Akane: I'm a type of person who specializes in visually perceiving pictures and photographs, so I often visit Plasma Studio to find out what people with good music comprehension are listening to. Then, under Ben’s guidance, I started a jam session with a playful feeling. Then, at the stage of putting together the song, I wanted to drop the sound into the visual world and share it with him. After that, as we repeated jam sessions, we talked with each other about the temperature of the sound, what to put in the scenery, the sense of distance, etc. and completed it while watching the same scenery through the sound.

STK: 今回の曲はどこからインスピレーションを得て、どういった経緯でこのビートのアイデアが生まれたのですか?

Safire:当時僕(Ben)はピアノを独学しはじめ、自分の感じていることを表現する方法を見つけていました。QQQ Akaneにもドラムマシンでビートを叩く方法を教えて、僕がキーを弾いている間彼女はドラムを作っていました。 つまり、この曲はライブジャミングセッションから構築されたものなので完成するまで眠かしておく種類のトラックでした。自然の流れにまかせました。 ほぼ1年半後、QQQ Akaneがボーカルを書き始めそれ以来、常に終わらせるリストに載っていました:)

QQQ Akane:私は絵や写真など視覚を通して感じ取るのに特化したタイプなので、彼のように聴覚に優れた人やその仲間たちがなにを聴いているのか知りたくてよくPlasma Studioを見学していました。それから彼の指導のもと遊び感覚でジャムセッションをはじめて、曲をまとめていく段階で私は音を視覚的な世界に落とし込んでそれを彼と共有して作りたいと思いました。それからはジャムセッションを重ねていく中で音の温度やその景色の中に置くもの、距離感などお互いに話し合って音を通して同じ景色を見ながら完成させました。

STK: Tell us a bit about the dreamy beats of 'Slowly Rushing'. How did you come up with it?


Safire: I kind of touched on it in the last question. The melody was inspired from what was going on in my life at the time, I think it really captured the feeling of that time really well. Akane tapped out the beat of a drum machine which had a bunch of sounds I'd collected and organised. It then developed more into a composition than a loop as my tracks usually do in the end


QQQ Akane: I'm an amateur with beats. I was playing with beats so it's not perfect but the subtle deviations came out in our natural flow, so we decided to leave it as much as possible without modifying it.

STK: この夢心地なビートはどう思いついたのか教えてもらえますか。

Safire: 最後の質問でちょっと触れましたがメロディーは、当時の私の人生で起こっていたものからインスピレーションを得たもので、その時の感覚を本当にうまくとらえたと思います。QQQ Akaneは、私がセレクトして整理したドラムマシンのビートを利用しました。 私のトラックの作り方もそうですが、ループよりもコンポジションという形で作られたものです。

STK: What are the lyrics of the new single ‘slowly rushing’ about? The single’s name seems kinda contradictive…


Safire & QQQ Akane: It's been a long time since the studio sessions were repeated from time to time, but at that time we were at full speed, so this title was given. 

The lyrics were put on during the studio sessions as if they were between words and sounds. When this tune title is "Slowly Rushing" then this lyric position is “Now" I guess. 

An English translation of that meaning can also be found on YouTube subtitles and Chilla Holla bandcamp.

今回のシングルSlowly Rushingの歌詞の内容はどういうものですか?ゆっくり急ぐ、という意味のタイトルにはどこか矛盾が感じられますが、、

QQQ Akane :スタジオセッションを重ねていくうちに長い時が過ぎましたが、その時々私たちは全速力だったのでこのタイトルが付けられました。
タイトルが "Slowly Rushing"であるならばこの歌詞は”今”というポジションにいると思います。

STK: What about the single’s cover artwork? Looks like an inescapable maze…


QQQ Akane: This artwork is a new style of Muga Line, lyrics are studded in Kanji around the drawing. In the centre, it is beginning (life) spreading out to the end (death).

このアートワークはMuga Lineの新たなスタイルで中心の始まり(生)から終わり(死)に向かう広がりの中に今回のリリックを漢字でちりばめられています。

STK: It looks like a trippy DIY video. How and where was it recorded?


Ben: It's been a few years since I started to be interested in video shooting, and I'm really enjoying video production during covid-lockdown, It feels like we've embarked on a kind of overdrive. There are plenty of green screens, lights and props on the second and first floors of the house. Taking advantage of that environment, I came up with the idea of ​​shooting Akane's face paint in front of a green screen.

With a green screen you can add another dimension later, Ive been using resolume for effects... we then combined that with retro digital tape footage that Akane was shooting on the Handycam. The flow of the fusion of the past and the future was reproduced.

Safire: 僕はビデオ撮影に興味を持ち始めてから数年が経ちcovid-lockdown中はビデオ制作をとても楽しんでいます。
グリーンスクリーンは後で別の次元を加えることができるので、撮影したフッテージをfxのResolumeで取り込み、QQQ Akaneがハンディカムで撮影していたレトロなデジタルテープの映像と共に編集することで歌詞に出てくる時の流れ、過去と未来の融合を再現しました。

STK: What’s next for Chilla Holla?


Safire & QQQ Akane: There will be new music coming from all artists that have already released on Chilla Holla.


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