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"If Dreams Manifested in Reality, Would You Have the Courage to Embrace Them?" - Jen Ting

15/09/23 - artist portrait

Jen Ting was born and raised in Pingdong, Taiwan, and currently resides in London, UK. She is an artist, painter, and installation maker. Her work reflects her fascination with the subconscious and the creatures that appear in her dreams. She uses her intuition to express her emotions, energy, and underlying thoughts, creating works that serve as a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious, inviting viewers to interpret them and reflect on their own psyche. She excels in using everyday materials for her creations, such as pastry bags, paper, recycled
cardboard, and wood, effectively merging the realms of art and everyday life.

If you want to stop thinking, be active .png
Blooming IV, 2023.png


The Pastry Bag - marker pen on pastry bag 25x25cm, 2022-23

Tip of the Iceberg: Blooming IV, waterproof wall tile and oil stick on a wooden board, 58x52cm, 2023

"I let intuition guide me, and conscious thinking seems
to pause, much like dreaming. It shrouds my creations in mystery. I cannot fully comprehend
them, but I find that immediate explanations are unnecessary. I let them unfold naturally,
bringing me closer to my true self."


...using bold lines, simple black-
and-white tones, repeated patterns, creatures, and abstract elements to depict

imaginative inner world. Jen's art is filled with raw emotions and chaotic energy, all while
retaining her sense of humor.

A complicated situation.png

The Pastry Bag - marker pen on pastry bag 25x25cm, 2022-23

.... a challenging way of creating, embracing fears, and communicating with them.

The dog of the year.png

Jen's artistic creation oscillates between
clear reality and hazy dreams, reflecting her ever-changing thoughts, blooming within a
limited space with boundless creativity.

The Pastry Bag - marker pen on pastry bag 25x25cm, 2022-23

Wondering in the Jungel, Wall tile and oil stick on the wooden board, 122x49cm, 2023

If dreams could indeed converse with us, reminding us of the aspects we overlook
consciously, then Jen, through her art, further understands herself by showcasing her dreams.
Through her works, she invites others to converse with their dreams,
uncover hidden wounds, or rediscover forgotten happiness.
But how much courage does it
take to simply accept or even embrace these
dreams when they manifest in reality?

The Pastry Bag - marker pen on pastry bag 25x25cm, 2022-23

The Pastry Bag - marker pen on pastry bag 25x25cm, 2022-23

Blooming X - Waterproof wall tile, oil stick and marker pen on the wooden board, 48x43 cm, 2023

The Pastry Bag - An Over Dressing Dancer - marker pen on pastry bag 25x25cm, 2022-23

Through Jen's portrayal of her own dreams and the visual experience they provide,
viewers can freely immerse themselves. Sometimes, when dreams are too vast, all we can
receive are fragmented messages, but it's still a process of embracing the subconscious
through art.

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