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3D artist


Karlifetz also has other projects on the go. He’s part of the “Westghost Clique” which is a German collective of artists putting out music. Here, he is the man behind the visuals, which includes designing merch. Another passion project he is working on currently is a short film


Karlifetz doesn’t have a “solid grasp” on what he’s doing as an artist. He told us: “I'm just doing what feels good to me.” On the endless journey to strengthen his artistic skills and find his own style, Karlifetz is all about discovering new tools and opportunities: “There's so many things still left to do. I believe that you can never stop learning. There's always another software, always another approach, always another visual style. It's endless.” For now, at least, he has gravitated toward 3D artworks to express his creativity and his main tool to do so is Cinema 4D. The inspiration for his work is mostly based on music and anime.

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