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Veronica is a pictorial and sculptural artist, just like her father – they say the apple never falls far from the tree! Based in La Spezia, a small seaside town in Liguria, Italy, Veronica takes the female nude as her main theme. “The evolution of my sexuality, and the knowledge of my body have kept pace with my artistic path,” she says. Collaborating with others gives the artist the ultimate intimacy she needs to express herself:  “I try to collaborate as much as possible because… it helps me to find a new point of view, always, and makes me grow. I like to make people close to me participate, from the concepts to the physical act of paintings.” Another tangible source of inspiration for her is the ocean close by, something that the artist sees as the “strength of Liguria’s territory.” At the moment, Veronica  is focusing on tattooing,however, her strongest tool will always be the brush.

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