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Producer, MC, designer, 3D artist




We are so stoked to feature one of the greatest influencers of new-age phonk music, DJ Yung Vamp. Phonk is one of the most consumed genres alongside cloud rap and vaporwave on soundcloud, and DJ Yung Vamp – alias Jeune Vamp as MC – is revolutionizing its sound.

Heavily inspired from 90s and 00s hip-hop tracks, the artist’s music also includes bits and pieces of dirty south rap, trill rap and crunk. When asked what makes his work unique, Vamp says that his music is nostalgic and relaxing at the same time, and is underscored by a special flow.

We think that every track he drops is an absolute banger. And, the fact that he produced the majority of his tunes with a shitty old computer he got from his grandfather when he was 13 – and a pair of semi-working headphones – makes every beat sound even doper. Today, Vamp’s set-up includes a macbook, two synths, Yamaha HS8 speakers, a mic and top-shelf software including Ableton, plus some software synth plugins like omnisphere, massive or purity.

His music however isn’t the only creative field the half-Belgian, Half-Tunisian artist is running riot in. He says he loves “touching everything” – which is why he is creating 3D art and videos and dabbling in typography, as well as running his own fashion label “Vampire-Corp”. 


His latest release “DIE TRILL VOL3” - including featurings of DJ Smokey, Soudiere and Jason Rich - ties on perfectly to his previous albums.


Find Vamp's music on Soundcloud, Spotify and Bandcamp skrrrrt!

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